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How Does The Challenge Work?

Question About The Plan?

Why does the book/app refer to 28 days when this is a 7-day challenge?

So, just to make things clear. The plan we are doing for this global challenge is the first 7 days of Jason’s 28-Day Super Juice Me! Plan. The plan is really versatile and can be broken down so you can do just 7, 14 or 21 days if you wish (rather than the full 28). However, the book, app and some of the FAQ’s were created as though doing the entire plan and while 99.9% of the info is still relevant, please remember you are only doing 7 days for this Big Juice Challenge.

Do you just have juice, or can you eat anything else during the Juice Challenge?

This is a 7-day juice-only plan. Ideally you will consume nothing but freshly extracted, raw fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, with some special guest thickies added at weekends. Super Juice Me! has been designed so your juices are consumed at regular intervals to ensure your blood sugar levels stay stable and you don’t get disproportionately hungry. Please understand that, just because you are not using a knife and fork or chewing anything, you are still consuming food. What constitutes food is a combination of key nutritional factors, all of which are in the juices. Most people are over-fed and undernourished. During this 7-day period you can be assured your body is very much being fed. Although the plan has been devised with absence of any solid food, the Super Juice Me! plan does have room for a Hunger SOS each day. I have explained this earlier in Top Ten Tips For Super Juice Me! Success and in detail on the app. If you do feel hungry, before going directly to your Hunger SOS make sure you are hydrated; drinking a large glass of water can sometimes make all the difference, as we often confuse thirst for hunger. However, if you reach a point where you absolutely must have something or you’re going to throw in the towel, then grab your Hunger SOS (a banana, avocado, Juice SOS or Simply Nude bar, or some other really good energy bar).

I'm not a lover of herbal teas. Is there an alternative?

I would recommend you try peppermint herbal tea. Most people tend to like this one. It’s worth buying a really good brand, such as Teapigs or Pukka, as they taste amazing. If, however, this isn’t for you, then simply cut up some lemon, lime, ginger, fennel or mint, and add boiling water to make your own natural teas.

Can I Chew Chewing Gum Whilst On The Plan?

Most chewing gum is made using the synthetic rubber polyisobutylene (which is used in adhesives and sealants, and also as inner tubes for tyres – nice!). Add into the mix some aspartame and various other sweeteners, which are none too kind for the body, and maybe you have your answer? Having said that, there are kinder alternatives on the market, but ultimately if you’re doing a detox then it’s best to avoid it altogether. Chewing gum also stimulates your gastric juices and makes your body think it’s about to be fed, so best left I feel.

I've never juiced before and I'm worried about living on just juices and smoothies for 7 days.

Although you are not using your teeth or a knife and fork for the next 7 days, you are still consuming food, just in a liquid form. Living on freshly extracted juices and smoothies is much easier than you might think. Often people are overfed but undernourished, because they are eating processed junk food, which offers little or no nutritional value. By drinking freshly extracted juices your body will be getting a direct hit of nutrition and nourishment and you will be being fed on a cellular level. The real concern is, what will happen if you continue eating and drinking the things that have lead you to the state of bad health you are currently in? This is your chance to clean out your system, improve your health and change your future. Super Juicing isn’t for everyone though. If you are too thin, for example, I wouldn’t recommend it. Some people need juicing, others need Super Juicing. Make sure you’re in the right camp!

I work nights; can I still do the challenge?

Yes of course, however you just need to adapt the times to suit your routine. The Super Juice Me! plan is designed so that whilst you are awake you consume your juice or smoothie every three or four hours to keep your blood sugar levels stable and ensure you don’t get hungry. If you work irregular hours you can just adapt to fit in with your lifestyle.

Does it matter if I drink four juices in a set order or can I swap them around? I would rather have the thick juices during the day and the thin ones in the evenings.

The majority of people prefer to have the thickies for breakfast and dinner, which is why the plan is set out in this way. However if you prefer to have them a different way around, that’s entirely up to you, as long as you consume the four intended for each day on that day. Please remember though I have designed the plan this way because it’s important to get those good fats and amino acids into your body first thing to help regulate your appetite for the rest of the day. It is much easier to do the plan in the way it is set out, rather than trying to switch things around. Fat helps to regulate the appetite and one of the reasons for having the thickies at morning and night. You sleep for around eight hours a night, so the need for a thickie is more in the morning and evening. As mentioned, it’s up to you, but it has been designed this way for very good reason, so why mess with it?

Do you have to follow the juice times laid out for you or can you have the juices whenever?

The plan is devised so that you are having a juice or smoothie every three to four hours, to keep your blood sugar levels stable and to stop you getting disproportionately hungry. However, depending on your lifestyle or routine, the gaps between the juices can be tweaked a little, and the start time can certainly be altered. If, for example, you start work at 5am, it is not recommended that you wait till 9am for your first juice. So let common sense prevail and adjust the time of your first juice. Then have your subsequent juices at three to four-hour intervals throughout the day. If you are the kind of person who averages just five or six hours sleep a night, please feel free to add an extra juice each day, if required.

Should I use organic produce?

I always recommend organic produce, although I fully appreciate that sometimes this is not possible, due to availability and cost. If it is cost that is prohibiting you, then please think carefully about this decision and think about how much extra it actually costs to buy an organic cucumber versus a regular cucumber? What is it 40p, 45p more? What difference will that saving actually make to your day compared to the difference that organic produce could positively make to your health? Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our priorities. How much do you spend on new clothes or beauty products, or on over-indulgent meals, wine or nights out? Is organic produce really that much more, or could you afford it, if you made health was your number one priority?

Organic produce is superior because it is free from synthetic chemicals, it is not genetically modified, and is grown with very few pesticides or none at all. And it is more nutritious. So you are paying for what you don’t get as much as what you do get!

How many calories per day will be consuming on the plan?

Although this will vary a little each day, as a rough guide you will be consuming around 1000-1400 calories per day. However, I am not a fan of calories, as they simply don’t tell the whole truth. Let’s face it, we could all hit our RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of calories by munching our way through processed junk food, but it’s hardly feeding our bodies. It’s far better focus on the nutritional content of what we consume, rather than on the calories. Your RDA of calories should be personal, and not a blanket average, as there are so many different factors to take into consideration: what you are doing on a particular day (physically and men- tally), your muscle mass, age, and countless other variables. The recommended RDA for a man is 2,500 calories per day to maintain his weight; for the average woman it’s 2,000 calories per day. So, according to this, if a woman were to eat 2,000 calories of re ned fat and sugar for days on end and do no exercise, she would supposedly maintain a constant body weight, but in reality I very much doubt that; she would more than likely gain weight. If, on the flip side, she ate 2,000 calories of plant food and fish, the chances are she wouldn’t gain an ounce.

Rather than just thinking about weight gain, we need to look at the effect of food in relation to disease. A daily diet of 2,000 calories’ worth of processed sugars and fats can be a diet that results in diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure. Conversely, a 2,000-calories-a-day diet, made up from fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish, etc., can create abundant health and vitality and reverse the symptoms of many diseases. If you feel you need an extra juice a day, please add one.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

This will very much depend on how much weight you need to lose. Most people will normally lose on average 1lb per day – if they need to lose this amount of weight, that is – so you could expect to lose 7lbs over the 7 days.

Could I gain weight with the plan?

This really does depend on your starting weight, compared to the weight you should be. If you are hugely underweight, then the chances are that the plan will provide you with more nutrition and calories than you may normally consume on a daily basis. What’s more, the juices and smoothies provide the body with bio-available nutrition in the most easily absorbable state, so if you are underweight because you are not absorbing the nutrition from the food you are eating, then juices and smoothies are incredible. We recently had a nine-year-old girl on our retreat; she was tiny and she drank juices and smoothies and ate an additional banana. She gained 3lbs in the week. (The age limit on the retreats is now 14, just in case the thought that the retreat is full of children is putting you off coming.)

I would suggest you supplement the plan and, if you really are underweight, then, yes, you could gain weight on the 28-day challenge. Being underweight is often a much bigger issue than being overweight, so please talk to your doctor about this, as there may be an underlying issue here.

If you are overweight and you gain weight during this plan, there is one and only one explanation – YOU DIDN’T DO THE PLAN! Sounds harsh, but I know this subject. I’ve done it for 15 years. I even had a woman write to me to say she did the seven-day juice plan and gained weight, so I challenged her. I invited her to my retreat and said if she didn’t lose at least 7lbs in the week I’d pay for her retreat myself. She lost 11lbs! If you are overweight and you live on juice for 28 days, you will never, ever gain weight. If you hear anyone saying the plan didn’t work for them and that they gained weight on it, know one thing – they are telling porkies!

What should I store my juices in?

I recommend using a good airtight metal flask, BPA-free plastic bottle or glass bottle. We have a variety of suitable flasks at

How should I store my juices?

Once you’ve made your juices, to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible you need to keep them chilled and away from oxygen and light to slow down the process of oxidation. I recommend using airtight metal flasks,BPA-free plastic bottles or glass bottles and storing in the fridge.

From the point of making and storing correctly, the amount of time in which you have to consume your juices will vary depending on the juicer you’ve used. If you’re using a fast/centrifugal juicer, you will need to consume within approx 8 hours. If using a cold press/masticating/slow juicer they will stay fresh for a lot longer (approx 72 hours).

Can I make my juices in advance?

In an ideal world all juices / blends would be made and consumed fresh as they taste better and retain the most nutrients.  However juices can be prepared in advance if you’re short on time.

Just to make you aware,  if you make your juice in a fast, centrifugal juicer, then it needs to be consumed within eight hours. However, if you use a slow, masticating juicer, depending on the actual juicer, your juice can be good up to 72 hours later.

The plan has been devised so that your first and last juice are the same, and your second and third juices are the same, so you could make juices 1 and 4 in the morning and then juices 2 and 3 together. Personally, I would make juice 1 at the time of consumption, and when it’s time to make juice 2, I would also make juice 3 and store it in the fridge in an airtight flask. Then I would make juice 4 in the evening, so that I have something to do instead of cooking, and the juice will be fresh. Fresh juice always tastes best.

Don’t forget, you can also batch-make and freeze your juices! Refer to Can I Freeze My Juices? question.


Can I freeze my juices to save time?

Fresh is always best. But in practical terms not everyone has time to do this so, the good news is, freezing is an option.

When you freeze juice you lose a little of the nutrient content but if it’s the difference between having a juicing and not having a juice, it’s definitely the best option. For optimum results you should make your juices in a slow/masticating/cold press juicer and blast- freeze to retain maximum nutrition. This is what we do for Juice Master Delivered.

Once you’ve made your juices, pop them into a BPA-free water bottles, freezable glass bottles or freezable metal flasks, remembering to leave a little room spare for freezing expansion, and then pop them in your freezer.

If you’ve made a batch, you should take out a day’s worth of juices the night before and store them in your fridge for the next day.

If removing a juice at a time, it’s best to remove each one a few hours before you want to drink it to ensure it is fully defrosted and we would recommend taking the first juice of the day out the night before (and store in he fridge).  If a juice / blend has not fully defrosted when you come to drink it, you can run it under a warm tap or pop in some warm water (checking intermittently), to speed up the process. 

Can I pre-prep the ingredients and pop in separate bags/containers ready for juicing?

Some people like to pre-prep the produce and quantities for the following day’s recipes and store in separate little bags/containers to help speed things up. That way, when it comes to actually making a juice/blend they just remove the bag containing the ingredients for that particular juice/blend from the fridge, and they’re ready to roll.

You can certainly pre-prep some of the ingredients but others are better done fresh.  For example, things like apples, avocados (for blending only) and pears will brown once cut, so if you do need to cut them to fit your juicer, then we would recommend doing this at the time of juicing.

If this is something you’d like to do, you’re looking to store your produce in sealed bags/airtight containers, in the fridge away from light. This helps to slow down the oxidation process and keep your produce as fresh as possible.


Some of the recipes make more than others, is this normal?

Because produce from this country and from around the world varies in size at different times of year, the quantity of juice yielded will vary. This will also depend on the type of juicer you are using. If your juice comes up a little short, please simply add some extra cucumber or an apple. If it is a little over, then lucky you!

Can I reduce the amount of fruit in the recipes?

Yes, if you are an established juicer and prefer a more vegetable taste, then feel free to adapt the recipes by reducing the fruit and increasing the cucumber, courgette, etc. Although cucumber is technically a fruit, it’s a vegetable fruit and makes for a wonderful juice base, if you feel apple is too sweet for you or you just don’t want any fruit sugars at all.

You say to only use golden delicious apples, but can I use other varieties?

You can essentially use any variety of apple. However, Golden Delicious are very mild and not too sweet and work well with every recipe. Granny Smith and Cox tend to be very ‘tart’ and make the whole juice taste bitter, so avoid them, but Pink Lady and Royal Gala work well. Have a play around and find which you like best, but in all the years I’ve been juicing I’ve found Golden Delicious to be best.

Can I just make one of the specials and repeat it or do I need to stick to the plan in relation to the recipes?

If you prefer one on the specials over the others, you can just have that one instead of the other specials.

Can I add anything extra to the recipes?

Yes, within reason. You can certainly add an additional fruit, vegetable or herb, such as extra lime, mint, ginger, coriander or basil, if you like a particular taste. You can also add spices, such as nutmeg, chilli or turmeric, if you want to spice things up or for their additional health properties. For example, turmeric, paprika and oregano have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, and cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

I'm allergic to almonds, what can I do?

You can use another nut, oat, or soya milk. If you look online, you will find plenty of recipes for rice milk. However, given that you would have to cook the rice, I’m unsure as to how much benefit there is in making your own. So, as long as you make sure that there are no added sugars or nasties, then you can buy this from the shops.

Do I really need a juicer, or can I do the plan with just a blender?

It is essential you have a juicer to embark on this plan. This is non-negotiable! You need both a juicer and blender. Most people already own a blender, but always check for what’s hot in the juicing market right now. Like smart-phones, this market moves fast and the self-cleaning juicer might even be out by the time you read this. One can but dream!

I have not had a bowel 'movement' for a few days. Is this normal?

Some people go less than usual during the plan and this is to be expected, as the amount of insoluble fibre in your diet has been greatly reduced and there is very little for the body to eliminate. This is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal. If you feel constipated and in pain, then I would suggest taking some chia seeds or psyllium husks – but be sure to read the instructions – as these pulp up when added to water and form a gel-like fibre to sweep through the intestines.

My urine or poo is red. Is this blood?

The most likely answer is no. This is probably caused by the beetroot. If you believe you are passing blood, then go and see your doctor immediately.

I feel really emotional, Is this normal?

Many people during the 28-day juice challenge will experience some form of emotional rollercoaster, from glorious highs to emotional lows. This is perfectly normal. During the plan you will:

1. Not be under the influence of alcohol or re ned sugars, both of which create false highs and associated lows. This means your body will have to find its own natural rhythm once again; during this process you may well feel emotional.

2. Not be using foods and drinks to mask your real emotions and you will free up a lot of time that was otherwise spent shopping, cooking, eating out, getting drunk, dealing with a hangover, etc. This valuable time will no doubt allow you to reflect on your health, your lifestyle, your priorities and your future. It will also allow you to focus on why you need to be ‘Super Juiced’. All of this together can manifest in feelings of emotion and upset. This is nothing to worry about and is a valuable part of your journey.

Can I do Super Juice Me! If I'm pregnant?

I would certainly recommend that you incorporate juicing into your diet whilst pregnant, as there is no better way of getting key minerals and nutrients into your – and, therefore, your baby’s system. However, I would not recommend that you embark on a juice-only diet whilst pregnant, as it would certainly result in symptoms of detox and weight loss, which is something to be avoided during pregnancy.

I've got kidney pain, is this normal?

During the first few days of the detox, some people report slight pain in their kidney region. However, if this persists or is more than just mild, I would advise to stop the plan and seek medical advice.

Can I drink tea/coffee/alcohol whilst on the plan?

Well…no! You can have as many herbal teas as you like, but normal tea, coffee, alcohol and any other drinks are to be removed from your diet for 28 days. Green tea is OK, for reasons I explained earlier in the book, especially if weight loss is one of your goals. Green tea can aid with this. The only other thing you should and must drink is water; both still and naturally sparkling are OK.

Should I workout whilst doing the plan, will I have enough energy?

Yes,  I am a huge advocate of exercise; it is crucial for optimum health, strength and longevity. At our juice-only retreats in Turkey and Portugal, many guests complete up to 5 hours of exercise a day on exactly the same amount of juices you are having on this plan. Some guests are baffled by quite how much energy they have on what appears to be so little fuel. However, the key thing is that you are consuming 100 per cent the right fuel, and it’s in a state that your body can easily digest, assimilate and use. Often, digesting the wrong kind of foods robs the body of vital energy, which is why you can feel very tired and lethargic after a big, heavy meal. With juicing, the reverse is true and you liberate that available energy for other activities, such as working out. For the first few days you may feel abnormally tired as a result of the detox process your body is undergoing. You could rest on these days and only exercise if you really feel like it. By day 3 or 4, your ‘juicy high’ will kick in. You will feel energy running through your veins, and you will be itching to burn it off. that’s the time to get those trainers on. It is also vital to keep your metabolism high!

I heard juicing can be really bad for your teeth but i really want to do the plan, should I use a straw?

If the plan was based purely on fruit juices then, yes, this could be a cause for concern and, yes, I would say to always use a straw. However, all of the juices contain fruit and vegetables, so there is a diluted concentration of fruit sugars. It’s a good idea to wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth after having a juice. Fruit sugars can temporarily weaken the enamel, but after an hour it will be firm again. If you are still concerned in anyway, then yes use a straw!

Is there anything extra I can do to make the 7 days easier and more enjoyable?

I really advocate feeding your mind as well as your body, so that you are fully submerged in the detox mentally as well as physically. Download and use the ‘Super Juice Me!’ app. I really am not just saying this for financial gain; I spent a long time developing the app to make sure it provides the right psychology and coaching to make completing the plan as easy as possible.

My other recommendation is to read a variety of books on nutrition and juicing. And definitely watch the Super Juice Me! documentary and others, such as Hungry for Change and Food Matters. This ‘mental juice’ will empower you and keep you focused and inspired.

Another thing that really helps is to stop passively watching television. Don’t just sit down and aimlessly watch four or five hours of TV each night. Choose what you watch. Until you do a juicing plan or detox, you will be unaware of just how much advertising for food and drink there is and how many food programmes there are on TV. If you watch hours of TV each day, you will be subjecting yourself to the brainwashing and advertising surrounding food, and this will make you mentally crave food. So make life easy for yourself and switch off the box.

And go about your daily life as if nothing had changed. What I mean is, don’t lock yourself away from the world; there’s no need to. Yes, it is slightly odd for your friends and family when you turn up for dinner with a flask of juice, but socialising is about just that, being sociable. It’s about catching up, having a giggle and letting your hair down. All you are doing differently is getting your ‘fuel’ from a different source. If you become a hermit , then you really will struggle. There is nothing stopping you going out, meeting friends, going dancing and so on. You just need to adjust accordingly.

What about the fibre, surely I need this?

All of the juices contain soluble fibre in the form of pectin that effectively forms a type of gel and sweeps through the intestine. Also the daily thickies are blended with whole fruit in the form of avocado or banana or seeds. The ‘specials’ also contain almond pulp in the milk. It’s worth knowing that fibre cannot penetrate the intestinal wall; it does not directly feed the body. All your digestive system does is to extract the juice from the fibre, and then the fibre is excreted from the body. You only need a small handful of insoluble fibre a day to keep things moving, so to speak, which you are getting every day on the plan.

Don't we need carbohydrates in our diet?

Yes we do. We are so used to thinking of carbohydrates as bread and pasta that many people do not realise that all fruits and vegetables are in fact also carbohydrates. The best carbohydrates on earth! Carbohydrates are a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. However, I like a play on words, and carbo-HYDRATE is what sets fruits and vegetables apart from complex carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables are extremely hydrating and consist in all cases of at least 70% water. We have over 30ft of intestinal tract which resembles the U-bend you’d find under your sink for waste. It is designed for high water-content fuel, such as fruits and vegetables, which can deliver the nutrients where they are needed in super-fast time and, at the same time, help to flush out any waste. Ironically, on the Super Juice Me! plan, the vast majority of what you are consuming are pure carbohydrates.

Where will I get my calcium and protein from during the plan?

This is a question I get asked a lot and it always makes me giggle a little. When people live on a diet consisting of nothing but crap food, they never stop to ask such a question, but as soon as they go on a juicing plan they become concerned that it might not be nutritionally balanced.

The easiest way to set your mind at rest is to look in the wild at some of the magnificent animals, such as the elephant, horse or giraffe. None of these animals eat meat; they all live on green plants and grass only, and they all have tremendous muscle mass, strength and large teeth (and even tusks). If you think about it, the tusks of a bull elephant are the strongest teeth of any mammal on earth. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s safe to say they’re very big, very solid and very strong, all without a mini Babybel cheese in sight! Calcium is to be found in abundance in green vegetables; it’s is also found in many fruits and other vegetables. Protein is synthesised from amino acids, which can also found in all fruits and vegetables. If you are really concerned and don’t want to lose any muscle mass, then please feel free to add spirulina, hemp or pea protein powder to your smoothies. All of these are superb forms of plant-based protein. Making sure you do some resistance exercise during the plan will also help.

I'm doing the plan for reasons other than weight loss and I don't actually want to lose weight. What can I do?

This is a tricky one, as 98 per cent of people will lose weight on the plan, but you can reduce the amount of weight loss by adding half an avocado to your second and third juices each day, essentially making them all thickies. The other thing you can do is to include an additional smoothie from the Specials every day, eat one or two bananas each day and snack on plain almonds. If you add to the plan in this way, then you will minimalize weight loss. If you are very concerned about weight loss then add a large avocado salad each day and feel free to add some additional protein to it such as some cooked wild salmon or the like.

Should I weigh myself daily?

No, I really don’t recommend that you become a slave to the scales or that you allow a man-made object to dictate your state of happiness. Trust me, you will know that you have lost weight and more than that you will feel and notice a bundle of other benefits from improved energy levels, better sleep and clearer skin, to sharper thinking. If you are really obsessed by a made-up number then I recommend to only weigh yourself at the end of each week.

Are the recipes for one person?

Yes, the recipes are designed for one person, so you just need to multiply the recipe by however many people you are making juices for.

What about all the sugar, isn't it bad for you?

Sugar is finally receiving the bad press it deserves. Unfortunately, however, fruit sugar is being tarnished with the same brush as white, refined sugar. The sugars are simply not the same, and if you use your common sense, you will appreciate this. Science may say otherwise, but if all sugars were the same, then people could switch chocolate for an apple without any problems.

Think about yourself or someone you know who is a real sugar head – who must eat cakes, biscuits, pastries, sweets or chocolate. If you offered them an apple or a piece of pineapple instead, they would soon tell you where to go! ‘Live’ fruit and vegetable sugars are not the same as white, refined sugars and do not cause the same harm. However, there’s no need to worry in any case, as all the recipes are predominantly vegetable-based, with just a little apple, pear or pineapple to make sure the juices and smoothies taste good – pure vegetable juice is an acquired taste. The thickies also have either avocado or banana, and the additional insoluble fibres help to slow down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

I'm allergic to/don't like a certain fruit or vegetable. What can I do?

If you are genuinely allergic, then, clearly, you should avoid whatever it is you are allergic to. But if you have been told you are intolerant to a certain food, don’t just assume it is true. There are genuine cases of people being allergic to certain fruit and vegetables, but it is a rarity. If you would still like to avoid certain ingredients in a juice recipe, please use the table below as a rough guide as to what you can use to replace a specific fruit or vegetable. The rule of thumb is to aim to replace it with a similar thing. Having said that, don’t just assume you won’t like something. Give it a go first. You’ll be surprised how great the recipes taste, and everything has been added for a reason, be it taste or nutrition. PLEASE aim to make the recipes as instructed.

Ingredient Alternative
Almond Milk Brazil nut milk, soya milk or rice milk.
Apple Pear or pineapple
Avocado Banana with some Omega 3-6-9 oil
Banana Avocado
Beetroot There’s nothing quite like a beetroot I’m afraid. It’s simply amazing for the blood, and you may be surprised to know that it’s actually very sweet. You could just try reducing the quantity slightly, so you can get used to the taste
Broccoli Spinach
Carrot Parsnip
Celery Courgette/zucchini or cucumber
Courgette/Zucchini Celery or cucumber
Fennel Ginger
Ginger Lemon, lime or fennel
Kale Chard, spinach or spring greens
Lemon Lime or ginger
Lime Lemon or ginger
Mixed berries Banana or mango
Mint Basil
Orange Grapefruit
Parsnip Carrot
Pear Apple
Spinach Chard, kale or spring greens
Turnip Parsnip or carrot
Tomato Cucumber

Can I use cooked beetroot instead of raw?

No, it must be fresh and RAW. Trust me on this one, on the taste front you will hate cooked beet juice!

I use diet whey protein but you recommend hemp protein in the recipes, can I use whey instead?

For the 28-day challenge I recommend you switch to a hemp-based protein powder, as we want you to be dairy free for the duration of the plan. Because it’s a dairy derivative, whey protein is controversial. It can certainly affect your digestive system, so switch to hemp for a natural, plant-based protein.

Do I need to peel the ingredients?

For the majority of the ingredients, keep the peel on, as most of the nutrition is to be found either in the skin or just under it. Oranges must be peeled, although you won’t find any in this plan – it’s worth noting this for the future. Whether to peel lemons and limes or not is a matter of taste. If you like a real zesty kick, then leave the peel on, but if you prefer a milder flavour, then peel. The main thing to be careful of is that you leave as much as the pith (or white stuff) on as possible, as this is where a lot of the nutrition is to be found.

Can I use shop bought milks?

You could do, but the plan is based on you consuming raw, live nutrition. Anything in a container is pasteurised and lacks a lot of nutrition. The nut milks are incredibly easy to make, and it’s important that these are made fresh for maximum nutrition.

Do I need the Super Juice Me! app as well as the book, or do they just have the same information in them?

The app is not just a replication of the book. There are videos showing you how to make every recipe, and there’s coaching each week to keep you inspired throughout the 28 days. On top of this there are four emergency SOS coaching videos for you to lean on at any time during the 28 days, if you are struggling and need some direct support and motivation to keep you on track. I have spent more time developing and filming this app than any other app, as I am truly passionate about getting people ‘Super Juiced’. I know that getting the right mental coaching is imperative for success on this plan. Twenty-eight days is a long time to keep focused, and the app will make the difference between success and failure for many.

Do I really need a Blender or can I just eat the avocado or Banana, etc.?

Technically, you could just eat the items that you would otherwise blend, as your mouth is a ‘blender’. However, you will enjoy the plan so much more if you turn your produce into smoothies. If you don’t, it’s would be like just eating all the individual components of a recipe, instead of actually making the recipe! I seriously recommend investing in a decent blender; it should form an integral part of your healthy kitchen long after the 28 days.

I seem to constantly need to pee, is that normal?

Yes, over the first few days of the detox you will notice you constantly need to release fluids. The reason for this are two-fold: you are consuming around 1.6-2 litres of nutrient-rich fluid per day, which is maybe far more fluid than you normally consume; and cucumber and celery, amongst other fruits and vegetables, are strong diuretics and help the kidneys work efficiently to flush waste and toxicity from the system.

I can't stop going to the bathroom, is this a problem?

No, this is nothing to worry about. This is often a very good sign, as the body is ridding itself of waste. Things should find a balance after a few days. Once again though, if for whatever reason you feel something isn’t quite right, contact your doctor. Things happen in life in general, and you don’t want to coincidentally have a health issue come up in the first few days and dismiss it as ‘detox’. Always listen to your body!

I've just started the plan. I'm getting headaches and I have no energy, is this normal?

When your body is detoxing, depending on just how ‘toxic’ you are, it is quite common to experience headaches and initial energy loss. You need to understand that you were falsely stimulating your body with things like caffeine, alcohol and sugars. Now that these stimulants have been withdrawn, your body is re-establishing its equilibrium and, during this time, you will suffer an energy loss. What you are currently experiencing is your ‘true’ level of health. However, the good news is that, after two to four days, the headaches should subside; after three to five days, you should start to get a great deal more energy. It is important that if you feel like this, and you are in a position to do so, you rest and sleep to allow the body to use its energy to effectively ‘spring clean’ you internally.

I'm doing this for my skin but It's actually got worse, why is this?

It can be perfectly normal to expect your skin to flare up throughout the first 7-14 days. Your skin’s cycle is 28 days, so for some people it may take the full 28 days before you see improvements. If you are doing this for psoriasis or eczema, I highly recommend supplementing this plan, as there are some key minerals and essential Omega oils that are vital for healthy skin. Please go to, download the FREE ‘Clear Skin’ manual and add the recommended supplements.

My tongue/teeth feel fury and I can taste metal, why is that?

Your tongue is an organ of elimination and sometimes your mouth can feel odd as some of the toxicity is being expelled.

Should I stop taking all my medication?

No. You should only ever stop taking medication with your doctor’s approval and supervision. My hope is that, after you complete the 28-day challenge (or even during it) and overhaul your diet and lifestyle, you will be able to get your doctor to retest you and – assuming your condition improves – reduce your medication. For many people the goal will be to improve your health so much that in two, three or four months’ time your doctor will advise that there is no need for you to continue on medication.

Can I do Super Juice Me! whilst breastfeeding?

Yes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t follow this programme while breastfeeding, as long as you make sure you listen to your body and supplement the plan with extra avocado, banana, yogurt, nuts (as long as you and baby are not allergic) and seeds. You may also feel like you need an extra juice or smoothie here and there, which is to be encouraged.

I feel sick and weak and I'm getting stomach aches, is this normal and what should I do?

Nausea is not a normal response to a juice plan, but occasionally some people on juice plans for the first time will feel a bit off-colour. This shouldn’t last longer than a day or two, while your system adjusts to the detox.

You may be allergic to a particular fruit or vegetable, or if you have ‘Super Juiced’ your juices with ‘spirulina’, ‘wheat- grass’ or ‘Power Greens’, you may have an allergy to one of these ingredients. Some people find wheatgrass and spirulina can make them nauseous, as they are nutritionally so potent and your system may not be ready for this level of nutrition. So remove these from your juices, and if you are still feeling nauseous after two days, then come off the plan IMMEDIATELY and see your doctor. It may be due to something unrelated to the juice detox.

I keep being sick and have diarrhoea, is this part of the detox?

No, this is not a natural part of the detox. You should try and consume some water and electrolytes and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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